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Cream and Sugar, Anyone?

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2013 | 1 Comment


I went for some high tea at Soirette the other day and I was told to "dress pretty". Since it was raining buckets (the sun that you see in these pictures came out waaaay later but it was still freezing cold and windy), I definitely wasn't going to wear springtime pastels. Instead, I opted for this black dress from Modcloth that has been sitting in my closet and waiting for an occasion to come out.

I've been online shopping too much. It's such a bad habit--and it doesn't help that Point Roberts is so close either.

Everything was super tasty! I think this place may rank up there with Adonia and Secret Garden for me. The place is pretty small though; there's only four two-seater tables, so you definitely have to make reservations in advanced.

They had such cute macaron decorations in the shop!

We went shopping at Metrotown later and I spotted these at the Estée Lauder counter at The Bay. Each compact also has the birthstone on the button/clasp. Too awesome! I don't use their makeup, but these zodiac powder compacts were so precious that I had to snap a picture.

I'm a Virgo, but I really have no idea what is depicted on the compact! Oh well, not like I'm going to buy it anyways~

Amicably Yours, 


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