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Classic Black & White

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Category : , , 5

I ordered a few things from LOFT last month and finally found the time to drive down to Point Roberts to pick up my parcel :D

Among the three black skirts and one white blouse I got, I really liked one of the skirts and the blouse. And before you judge me, even though I got three black skirts, they're all different, okay!? One is a sateen pencil skirt, one is a twill pencil skirt, and one is a bit shorter A-line skirt WITH pockets! LOL, so moving on... >>"

LOFT petite tie collar blouse (here) (similar);
LOFT petite patch pocket A-line skirt (sold out :( ), black belt, Nine West black pumps (old)

I bought these when LOFT was having 30% all items, so the skirts I bought all disappeared rather quickly--next time I'll either post right away or remember to save the pictures, aha.

The blouse, however, is still for sale--better yet, it's on sale! Unfortunately in terms of the petite sizing, there's only a large left, but there is still size small available for the regular sizing! PLUS it's marked down to $39.99 with an additional 30% off sale items~!

I added a subtle black belt to cinch the waist and polish up the look. I personally thinks it makes a big difference :D

Bow knot collar! :)

Hehe, took me forever to find a decent bow-knot blouse. I've been on the hunt for one sometime since October when vonnie bought hers a while back~ A little more pricey, but I'm happy I finally found one :)

A belt to polish up the outfit

Amicably yours, 
♥ Emi

Vintage Stylings

Monday, March 12, 2012 Category : , , , , , 1


It's almost been a month! Amidst midterms and going to work, I've been totally neglecting my poor blog :(

Anyways, I'd like to share one of my weekend outfits :) I centered the outfit around an old vintage-y belt my mom gave to me recently--actually, with the exception of the nude tank top and my new Aldo boots, the outfit is almost entirely passed on to me by my mother, LOL! I love having a fashionable mom xD

Forever 21 basic nude tank (old); Abercrombie & Fitch rust wool cardigan (old); 
H&M navy accordion pleat skirt (old); vintage belt; Aldo Sproles boots (here)

I kept the outfit tame (ie. no prints) to place more emphasis on the belt--hence the plain rust/nude/navy colours. Definitely didn't want to overpower the belt with any patterns :)

Sorry for the blurry picture! ><"

I originally had another pair of boots with the outfit, since I haven't sprayed these babies yet, so I haven't had a chance to wear them out. Therefore, I can't say anything about the comfort level quite yet. I will say, however, that these boots are a pretty good deal! The boots are made of leather and are marked down to $94.99 from the original $250!

LOL, personally I wouldn't pay $250 for a pair of boots--even if they are made of leather--but I think they're worth it at $95. I love how the zipper is on the outside of the boots, and the gold detailing is a definite plus! Though I gotta say, I keep getting tricked by the zipper and putting them on backwards, aha!

Love the amount of detail in this belt buckle! >w<

Oh, and I realized while typing this post that the lack of updates can be attributed to the amount of time I've been spending in the kitchen LOL.

Matcha sablé cookies

 Tiramisu cake--this one needs work for sure

Tsukimi gyudon

Improving my baking/cooking skills! Good enough excuse for not updating? Yes? :3

Amicably yours, 
♥ Emi

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