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A Regular Ray of Sunshine

Posted on Friday, February 3, 2012 | No Comments

So I went shopping with my mum last weekend and I broke my shop-less-save-more resolution and picked up a few choice pieces from Forever 21 and Zara--I'll be doing a haul post sometime soon! Look forward to it!

Anyways, among my purchases was a mustard yellow skirt that I was eager to wear out for the first time. And considering the sun was finally out and shining, I figured it was perfect timing! Plus it totally matched my gold nails ;) I also took the white mandarin collar blouse that I bought at the same time out to play as well~ Totally loving mandarin collars 'cause I find that my hair gets tangled up with traditional collars =3=

Anyways, lo and behold, my ensemble for work! :)

Forever 21 mandarin collar blouse (here); LOFT salt and pepper sweater jacket (here); 
Dynamite black waist belt (old); Forever 21 mustard yellow patch pocket skirt (here); black tights; black booties

I originally had my calf-length slouchy black boots on 'cause I was running late for the bus to work and it was the first thing I could pull on. In retrospect, it was a good idea 'cause of what happened later...

Walking to the bus stop, I spotted someone waiting for the bus from about half a block and a busy street away. I was glad, since that obviously meant the bus hadn't arrived yet. But then to my horror, I see that person stand up while looking in the direction of the oncoming bus?!

I start booking it while muttering "Ohcrapohcrapohcrap!"

"...Good, this side of the street is clear..."

I wouldn't have been able to run for it as fast in the ankle boots I'm wearing here. In retrospect, I must've sounded like a lunatic if anyone heard me, ahahhaa. Fortunately no one was around!

 Yosh~ Let's get to work!

 Totally a pose I can see vonnie doing xD

Oh yes, so I straightened my hair today for the first time since I got it permed last summer. Boy my hair has gotten LONG!

Time for a haircut, maybe, perhaps!

Yay! My nails match my skirt! <3

Anyways, that's it for me. Off to the gun range now to shoot for the first time! Ta for now!

Amicably yours, 
♥ Emi

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