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A Nommy Night: World Music Fashion Festival Launch Party

Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2012 | 5 Comments

Friday was a food-filled night and this post will contain a lot of food pictures. Proceed with caution; full stomach recommended :)

So as I said last post, I was bound for the World Music Fashion Festival Launch Party hosted by Empress Communications. The event was held alongside the grand opening of 0755 Restaurant & Lounge. The restaurant itself has the atmosphere of a posh establishment downtown--not something you'd expect amidst Pearl Castle and Shabu Shabu at the Continental Plaza, ahaha~

It was taking forever for our food to come, so we went traipsing around the restaurant to cam-whore :) Photos of the girls and I accredited to Ricky :)

So vonnie, Kerri, and I were taking pictures when our photographers got intercepted... by PRO photographers! Ahaha it was too hilarious we couldn't stop laughing >w<

Oh my Buddha! 

Bird's eye view of our table from the upper level~ There's J down there talking with her friend :)

It was at this point we realized why our food was taking so long--the table behind us got it! That had to be the case since they sat down after us! >:


Food photos taken throughout the night--you know you're at a table full of Asians when no one's allowed to take a bite until everyone snaps their picture of the dish, ahahaha! 

We also had frogs legs which I didn't get a picture of. It was my first time eating frog and I gotta say, it was quite... interesting LOL.

All in all the ambiance of the restaurant was great (in spite of the odd location), the tapa-style food was so-so, and the service left something to be desired. Both the servers and people walking around with free appetizers were really nice, but the servers seemed all over the place (the fact that we waited forever and a day for our food since it was given away to the wrong table doesn't help their case). 

After most of our dishes finally came, there was a mini-fashion show showcasing Orange by Angela Chen to promote Shanghai Fashion Week. Below are the few decent pictures I managed to snap.

The pieces were cute--most of them featured crochet-something-or-another which, surprisingly, worked well!

After the excitement was over, we headed over to Flo Tea Room on Granville and 64th for some dessert~ They're having their Bee My Honey promotion featuring Honey Toast Boxes. OMGAAA THEY'RE SO DELICIOUS!

The special menu said "Limited Edition" from Feb 10-Feb 19, but I'm not sure if that's referring to the combos or the toast boxes themselves. I definitely hope the toast boxes stay on the menu :(

Strawberry and Banana Honey Toast Box

Red Bean and Matcha Honey Toast Box

I gotta go back for more nommy goodness soon! <3

Last but not least, we went to Cashbox for some late night, all you can sing karaoke afterwards :) Long night, but an awesome one~

Ricky, Kerri, Nick, and vonnie :)

Amicably yours,  
♥ Emi


  1. it was such a fun night! your camera takes amazing photos =) love all your pictures!

  2. Aha thanks Kerri <3 It WAS fun--we need another night like this, including toast boxes! :9

  3. Man, I'm tempted to just post some people pics and link ppl to your food pics cuz mine sucked ;)

    And you ninja pictured us with that last photo! I didn't know you took it. Apparently I was so good at using the screen I didn't need to look at it to press it LOL.

  4. Time for a new camera? ;)

    Ninja kitty, mreowwww~! And yeah, it wouldn't surprise me, considering how karaoke is our #1 past time LOL

  5. we do need another day! Ricky and Nick got along so well lol. Mctina should come next time =) yeah my food pictures were mediocre


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