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"Dressing Nice" for Dinner

Posted on Friday, January 13, 2012 | 4 Comments

Ever get that horrible feeling when you go somewhere but you have no idea what everyone else is wearing? You frantically pull a million pieces of clothing out of your closet in hopes of finding something decent to wear and sometimes you're triumphant--but sometimes you're not. Even if there's no dress code per se, I just feel better when I'm in that happy medium of not overdressed or under-dressed.I hate it when the only wardrobe guideline I get is "dress nice" =_____________="

I was invited to the staff Christmas/New Years dinner at Top of Vancouver restaurant on Monday (which makes this post long overdue, ahaha), even though I haven't worked there since summer of 2010 <3

If you haven't heard of it, Top of Vancouver is the revolving restaurant on top of Harbor Centre at Waterfront. The elevator ride up is exhilarating!

H&M printed satin blouse; Banana Republic off-white shrug;
Dynamite black mini skirt; black tights; Yesstyle lace-up ankle boots 

I originally met up with my friends in a substantially more casual outfit, but to my horror, the guys had on dress shirts and vests and the girls had skirts and heels... Nuuuuu!!! T______T

So I had to go home and change. Good thing home was only about 50 metres away, ahaha!

When we finally got to the restaurant, we were a good half hour late and everyone was already digging into the buffet! So I grabbed a plateful of food and after the one plate, snuck off to the kitchen in advance to grab the dessert that Joe, the head chef, told us about.

I think I ate a LOT more dessert than real food that night, hahaha. But I couldn't help it! Especially when there was stuff that I could have that wasn't brought out for the rest of the guests... Ahh, the perks of being a favourite LOL :9

Halfway through dessert they set up a DJ station, which would've been fine if it wasn't about 3 metres away from our table! I think I lost some hearing in my left ear that night :(

 Made a few failed cam-whoring attempts, but I kinda like one of the results~


This is the amazing view you get from the restaurant~ It's absolutely gorgeous!

Amicably yours,  
♥ Emi


  1. Cute!! You can go deaf in one ear listening to Ricky from one side too LOL. What's the red stuff on the plate next between the rice and salad?

  2. LOOL! You and me both! The red stuff tasted like cha siu but much more dry... I got tricked by appearances into taking a whole bunch 'cause it looked so succulent! D:

  3. okay, you are so adorable and i am loving your outfits. also love that you are standing on cardboard, i hate when my heels sink into the carpet when i am trying to take a photograph!

    just wanted to stop by and share some love. i am your newest subscriber (YTBlushingBasics).

    if you have a second, check out my Clarisonic giveaway and please enter.



    ps. i think i might have to copy the term "cam-whoring". so funny.

  4. Ahaha thanks for the love kristie! And yes, I can only imagine the sinking heels predicament--even my cardboard has been stabbed full of holes from my heels!


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