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Black Lace and a Girls Night Out

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 | 6 Comments

First off, I'd like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! I know it's a bit late, but hey, it's my first 2012 post ><"

I went out on a girls night for dinner and some karaoke on Saturday and I finally decided to bring my camera out along with me :) We went to Hapa Umi for food and Cashbox in Richmond for all you can sing karaoke. 

Did you know? All you can sing karaoke is only $8/person from 12:00am-2:30am... every day of the week! Suh-weet! Plus, if you happen to be a TA at Simon Fraser University, you get another 40 or 50% off?! I knew I should've applied last semester =_______="

I'm gonna start off the post with outfits, since I haven't done this in a while LOL. Don't mind the piece of cardboard I'm standing on. My house is carpeted--and you know how Asians feel about wearing shoes indoors, ahaha.

I realized while writing this entry that my outfit was almost entirely pieced together with clothes from Forever 21. Funny how things work sometimes...

Forever 21 black lace top (similar); Forever 21 nude tank top (old); Forever 21 owl necklace (here)
Garage denim shorts (old); black tights; Yesstyle lace-up ankle boots (old)

I think I should sport the tights and booties look more often. I love what the combo does to elongate my legs :D

Front view so the owl necklace can be seen :)

It's a little nippy outside in the middle of winter so I threw on a black faux-leather jacket and a black circle scarf.

Wholesale7 circle scarf (here); Forever 21 black faux-leather jacket (old); Forever 21 three compartment bag (here)

Hapa Umi was an alright restaurant. Good atmosphere and nice ambiance, but I much prefer its sister company, Hapa Izakaya. I think they were going with a more upscale feeling with this restaurant, because they didn't sell beer by the pitcher :( Thus, rather than getting a pitcher of Sapporo to share between everyone, we had to get large bottles of Asahi instead.

Shortrib lettuce wrap

Heritage angus beef tataki

Salmon salsa battera

We also got a UBC roll (which I didn't snap a picture of in time) and a bacon and kimchi ishiyaki (which had to be mixed immediately). I wouldn't recommend the latter because the stone bowl wasn't hot enough, which meant no crispy rice :(

After dinner there was dessert! Homemade cupcakes from Anita! She's so awesome; she's won my heart through baked goods <3 

...I'm so easy u_u"

I am sooo trying out the recipe for the mini cheesecake cupcakes to the left. They were sooo scrumptious <3

 Anita, me, Eva, and Tori. Sadly, we're missing Amy, who had left before we thought to cam-whore

At karaoke~ Didn't realize until writing this that the order was reversed here, LOL

Hope you all had an awesome start to 2012! Cheers to a new year :)

Amicably yours,  
♥ Emi


  1. Eeehehe. Mini me is so cute :) I didn't know about the SFU TA discount thing! Only the 30% off for burnaby residents! Now let's find some SFU TA to sing with us at karaoke ;)

  2. <3

    Yah, that sign wasn't up the last time we went so I think it's a fairly new promotion. Cashbox really doesn't seem to get a lot of business LOL

  3. cute outfit and boots! looks like you had fun! :) I love karaoke with my friends!

  4. like your style! edgy rockerish haha


  5. Super cute outfit! I love your booots!! :)


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