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Arrivederci; See You Soon

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2012 | 4 Comments

First off, Happy Chinese New Year!!--or Lunar New Year, to be politically correct I suppose LOL. I wish everyone a year full of prosperity and happiness :)

I went out last night to a hot pot going away dinner for my friend Kim, who's leaving to go study on exchange to Italy! I'm so jealous ><!

At first I was going to wear my fur vest but then I realized--waitaminute, the hot pot smell would definitely stick to the fur! @_______@ So I came up with the outfit below instead~

Everything I threw on was old--or in the case of the jacket, rescued from the clothing my sister didn't want anymore--so I don't have many links at all, sorry :(

Zara black turtleneck, Urban Behavior crop-sleeve jacket, gray fish scale bracelet (from eBay, here),
Hollister denim shorts, black tights, long black boots (from Winners)

Sorry for the blurry picture, my photographer Nick was just getting used to using my new-ish Fuji x100 camera, ahaha :) We totally turned the house into a studio LOL!


Finally got to break these boots out again this winter. Had to get one of them fixed before I could wear it out, which took a while ><" But I love these boots; they're lined with fleece so they keep my feet nice and toasty--AND the outside is waterproof, so they've got +1 on my UGGS :)

This fish scale bangle cost me less than $5 from eBay (link listed above). It comes in three colours: gold, silver, and the dark gray seen above. Furthermore, it's one of those open cuff-styled bracelets so it's one-size-fits-all. I had completely forgotten about it until I found it buried under some stuff in my room; now I'm constantly trying to incorporate this into as many outfits as I can~

Hot pot! =9

 Cheers~! Even though I'm the only one who finished mine >:

Tony, Nick, and Eric--this is the Nick that takes my photos from time to time LOL. 

 Delicious cheesecake made by Melissa, who couldn't make it out unfortunately 

Om nom nom <3

Played some games--ie. pool and chess afterwards. I won in both games, yay! :D Came so close to losing at the beginning of the pool game. You can see how the 8 ball was millimetres away from sinking into the pocket ahaha. Lucky~!

The table after I won... the funny thing is, I was solids xD I won by default, LOL. The chess game I won legit-ly though! :)  I love playing chess--I'm not really any good at it, but it's fun nonetheless :)


Arrivederci, Kim! 

Good luck with your studies and we'll see you when you get back! ...Or not if you manage to find that prince, ahahaha <3

Amicably yours,  
♥ Emi


  1. Happy Chinese New Year! I love your outfit, it looks so warm and comfy, especially the boots!! It's great that it's waterproof, that's the thing I hated most about my UGGS, they're completely ruined now because the water soaked right through when I accidentally stepped in a puddle and now I can't wear it :( Looks like you had a great time! The food looks delicious!

  2. omg I love the fish scale bracelet! but I cant find the link?am I blind lol


  3. Happy Chinese New Year!!
    yum hot pot and cheesecake. it looks like you had a great time :)

  4. @ Jessi: Yeah, I know what you mean! I hate having to be so cautious when I wear my UGGS out--even in light rain! And heavy downpours? As cold as my feet are, I can't even consider them! LOL. Personally, if I got a section of my UGGS wet, I would try wetting the other parts of it to make it look the same--if it's unwearable anyways, it doesn't hurt to try?

    @ J: Whoops! It's a little small, but it was in the description of what I was wearing a few pictures above. If you still can't find it, search "fish scale bracelet" on eBay! :)

    @ Rachel: I did indeed! Cheesecake is always to die for! It was just a shame there was no coffee to go with it~ Hope you had a great new year!



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