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I'm Back--Las Vegas Shopping Haul!

Posted on Friday, December 23, 2011 | 4 Comments

Tadaimaaaa~ Harro Vancouver, I am back! Thank you to the well-wishers, I did indeed have a stupendous time in Las Vegas. While it was fun, I rather missed Vancouver. The water in the States felt... hard (for a lack of better words) and the air there was so dry my skin felt parched. I'm definitely in need of massive exfoliation.

I think I may have lost about $50 altogether to the casinos, which I don't think is too bad at all--though I was up $100 at one point *sad* I'm a very risk adverse person, so I generally tried to play it safe at the Texas Hold'em table.

More on my experience later. I just wanted to first share the mega-huge and awesome haul I got from shopping in Vegas~!

There was only one day that was allotted to shopping unfortunately. We hit two outlets and the Fashion Show Mall (substantially better than Metrotown, omgaaa) in the course of one day--it was soooo not enough time!

Here is the result of the one day:

There were more bags procured later on in the trip, but I was too lazy to align all the bags neatly again

Anyways, moving on to the modeling! This was ridiculously tiring. Multiple poses per article of clothing, multiplied by the number of bags seen above... there was a lot of walking back and forth, plus my hair was unbelievably static-y after pulling many tops on and off @____@"

Tuxedo-inspired dress, $36, Lola. 
I thought the tuxedo detailing was too adorable to pass up! Plus there are  pockets! Loved that touch!

"Salt and Pepper Patch Pocket Sweater Jacket",  $47.70, LOFT.
40% off sale at LOFT, so I couldn't pass this up. I enjoy the Chanel-esque inspiration here.

 Off-white shrug, $16.79, Banana Republic.
40% off all reduced items at Banana Republic~ This was one of the only things left in my size :(

Twill skirt, $41.99, Ann Taylor.
Another 40% off at Ann Taylor. Never knew the joys of petite sizing until now, the hem actually ends at a decent length above the knee :)

Next, presenting my new GUESS boots!  

 Chocolate ankle boots, $45.00, GUESS.
50% off boots made this such a good deal :D These babies make me feel so tall; watch out vonnie!

 Black lace top, $13.80, Forever 21.

 Black tuxedo collar vest, $19.90, Forever 21. 
There were no sales at Forever 21 but it was huuuuge! It took me 1/2 hour to skim through the store!

 Some accessories scored at Forever 21~

 Hello Kitty umbrella, $8.80, Forever 21.
Found this lying in some obscure corner of the store. Sooo glad I did <3

 Black bag with gold detailing, $32.80, Forever 21.
Loving the versatility of this bag; there's two zippered compartments and one in between with a magnetic button enclosure as well as a strap to carry it cross-body style~

Well, that's about it. I still have a few trinkets/souvenirs/gifts that I'll save for my next blog post~ Don't want to spoil the surprises I got for some of my girlies ;)

Time to unpack the rest of my suitcase, wrap some presents, and [hopefully] hit the sack--knowing me though, I'll probably stay up catching up on the shows/manga updates that I missed, wahahaha. Gonna be sooo tired for work tomorrow =________="

Amicably yours, 
♥ Emi


  1. OMGGGGG the LOFT salt/pepper jacket!!! Musttttttt haveeee. I love everything you got :3

  2. And HAHA... Even with those guess boots you won't be taller than me >;)

  3. EEEPS! SO many cute buys! Love them all :) I really wanted that Hello Kitty umbrella, but I couldn't find it :(

    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! It's an award for bloggers new to the blogging world and have less than 200 followers. If you'd like to participate I've outlined the guidelines on my blog!

    Merry Christmas Emi :)

  4. @vonnie: Ehehe, with the jacket, everything on LOFT's website was on sale last I checked~ And I can always try with the boots LOL!

    @Lori: Yeah, I was lucky to find that one hidden at F21. Wonder if someone stashed it ahaha. Happy Christmas to you too and thank you for the nomination Lori! <3


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