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Vancouver a Boring City? Not So!

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 | 4 Comments

Ever sit around trying to decide what to do, and then realize that there's absolutely nothing to do in Vancouver? I'm sure we've all had those days--I certainly have. I think it's because we live in Vancouver, and that we've done everything already, hence, the perception that there's nothing to do~

My routine activities usually consist of going for bubble tea, going to play pool, going for a movie, and/or going to sing karaoke. All of which I immensely enjoy, don't get me wrong, but it gets a bit monotonous once in a while.

Here's a list of things to do that won't break the bank (too much):

  • All-you-can-eat fondue. Ever tried Capstone Tea? It's $9.95 per person with the purchase of a drink--so about $15 after tax and tip? Pretty good place to go if you have a late night sweet tooth.
  • Speaking of food, have you ever tried the matcha green tea ice cream at Konbiniya on Robson St? It's super delicious--they have a generous amount of matcha in the ice cream so the bitterness offsets the sweetness!
  • Swimming is always a good exercise without said exercise being too intense. It's about $6.50 to drop in at Killarney Community Centre.
  • With the colder weather, it means the ice rinks at your local community centre is open for skating! At Killarney Community Centre it's $5.95 per person for an hour and a half of skating--or you could always opt for the free skating at Robson Square once's it's open.
  • Snowboarding! Okay, not the cheapest, but Cypress Mountain is finally open! You're looking at $59 for the whole day (hopefully you have your own gear)... unless you can pass for a youth, LOL.
  • Stay at home--maybe invite some of the girlies over for a movie; have lots of junkfood and games as well. That's always fun--and free :)

This is just a short list off the top of my head--I say off the top of my head 'cause I've been wanting to do most of them! LOL. Other things I've never done but have wanted to go are: visit the Vancouver Art Gallery, visit the planetarium, go white water rafting, go play laser tag, go to the gun range, go paintballing... wow, I really don't get out much, ahaha.

Aside from the normal stuff, you can always try something new. Thank goodness for Groupons! Check Groupon, Living Social, SocialShopper, TeamBuy, Indulge Living, etc. daily for great things to do! Or even better yet, check CakeDeals for updates--this site compiles all the deals onto one page so you don't get a million emails flooding your inbox :)

You can find great deals for the spa, indoor cart racing, paintballing, wine tasting, and so much more~

For myself, I actually bought a deal from SocialShopper--$19 for one month of unlimited kickboxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, etc. Pretty cheap I think. I actually just attended my first lesson with some friends yesterday night... and GOSH I am ridiculously sore. I suppose I brought it upon myself for not really exercising since high school, but ouch :(

It was definitely an interesting experience. I would've included some photos, but it'd be impossible to take any, unfortunately. But here, you can take a look at my membership card:

You can find me at Dynamic MMA Mondays and Wednesdays from 630-730 ;)

The instructor was pretty good; nice and patient :) I now know how to jab with both my left and right hands, throw a left hook, and perform a roundhouse kick... well, the mechanics of it anyways; I'm still a beginner after all!

The one-hour sessions don't seem very long, but boy are they ever! I was sweating about 20 minutes in and exhausted at the 45 minute mark. The last 15 minutes seemed to last forever!

I wonder how fit I'll be by the end of the month...? Ahaha~

Till next time~

Amicably yours,
PS. Sorry this post was so texty. I'll do better next time :) 


  1. Hehe yay I found your blog! Didn't know you were a blogger too :) Anyways, I so agree I think the reason we think Van is so boring is b/c 1) Vancouverites LOVE to bitch and 2) we're too lazy to think outside our normal activities. There's actually lots to do if you look, and sometimes doing nothing is great too.

  2. Ahaha, of course~ I just couldn't make it to the meet-up before due to class :(

    And reason #3, sometimes activities are just too darn expensive ><

  3. ohh yum I LOVE all you can eat fondue! if only there's a place like that in Ottawa!


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