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Spa Date: a Vancouver Blogger Get Together

Posted on Sunday, November 13, 2011 | 6 Comments

So yesterday I was out all day with Vonnie for a Vancouver blogger meet-up and then a birthday dinner for a mutual friend. I knew I wanted to wear my new J Brands out, but it was my first time with such brightly coloured pants so it took me forever to coordinate?! Seriously, I had no idea how to match these pants.

I initially started out with the st. tropez colourd J Brands coupled with a cream coloured lace tank and a taupe coloured cardigan, but it didn't seem to work for me. Several mix and match outfit attempts later, this is what I ended up with:

 Beige oversize sweater, bright red J Brands, brown ankle boots, leopard scarf, and brown H&M shoulder bag

With a multi-chain necklace to offset the chunky sweater :)

We got asked twice if we were sisters LOL. What do you guys think?

After a bit of cam whoring, off to Richmond we went~ The meet-up, as previously mentioned, was a hangout for Vancouver-based bloggers and was held at a chic little spa called Shi Nail; organized by our awesome hostess Sheila, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time :)

A majority of the Shi Nail photos are credited to Sheila :)

Shi Nail offers a small range of services--most of which, obviously, were nail services. I personally enjoy doing my own nails and I'm a bit cheap to shell out some $50 for someone to do it for me--plus my index finger nail broke and was crazy short so it didn't seem worth it to me. Thus, I opted for a paraffin foot treatment.

It was cool--they wrap your feet in hot wax and the treatment is supposed to smooth your skin out. I definitely felt smoothing effects on the first day but I'm not so sure now--maybe it's because I was out for work today and was on my feet all day?

The treatment definitely felt nice regardless. My feet were cold from the rainy/chilly weather prior to getting to the spa, so the hot wax felt SO nice <3 Plus it's $15 for the treatment; well worth it, imo.

We got to sit in future-esque pod-like seats while we enjoyed our spa service(s).

Each seat came equipped with a netbook so you could surf the net while receiving your treatment... cool! o:

 The chairs were also equipped with heated back massagers!

"We be giants!" -Vonnie... LOOL!

 For the love of leopard scarves... mreowww! <3

With regards to what I said earlier, don't let my frugality deter you from getting a manicure. The ladies here really know what they're doing--their nail art is adorable!

 Cuuute! I wish I was ambidextrous so I could do nail art like this on myself!

All of us at the end of the spa session :)Yes, that is a wall of OPI nail polishes in the background *-*

I had a great time :) A big shout out to Sheila for organizing the event! Nyaarigatouu~ >w<

Till next time~

Amicably yours,


  1. Stupid pods made my legs uncomfortable! T^T

  2. Your legs are just unusually long!!

  3. haha yes I totally was wondering if you and Vonnie were related! You *kinda* have similar features and you're both so tall!

  4. Looks like all of you had a fun time. Being friends with MizzJ, I forget sometimes how pretty she is. But the picture with the giants is a nice reminder, she looks amazing. =)

  5. Fantastic Blog.... Just found you and am your newest follower!

    Loving this idea with the Laptop while getting your pedicure... I just might have to go their simply for that purpose!

    Looking forward to keeping up with your Blog.



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