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J Brands and Super Clearance Sale

Posted on Friday, November 11, 2011 | 3 Comments

So I got invited to head down to the Super Clearance Sale after work yesterday by Fred, the guy in charge of the sample sale. Score! Headed down to 1062 Granville St and had an exclusive shopping session with Vonnie and Elle, my coworker. It was suh-weeet!

The brands to be found--if you haven't already seen the flyer from the I Love Sample Sales mailing list--were J Brand, Mexx, Milly, Graham and Spencer, Sky, Roberto Cavalli, Classic Girl, YFB, William Rast, Charlotte Trantola, PJ Salvage... and the list goes on~ To be honest, I'm not familiar with most of the names LOL.

Oh my goshhh so much clothing!! ><"

It was good. Walked away with three pairs of J Brands for $60 each due to connections ;) I think the J Brands are selling for around $75-80 each if you do decide to check out the sale~

I got three pairs of J Brands! It totaled $200 after taxes! >w<

 J Brand, Houlihan skinny cargo pants, size 24, MSRP $231 USD

J Brand, twill skinny, bright red, size 25, MSRP $176 USD

 J Brand, twill skinny, size 25, st tropez (not yet released), MSRP $176 USD

All in all, good purchases I think :) These are my first J Brands and I'm loving them! They fit so nicely and it makes it look like I actually have a butt! It's like a push-up for the behind, ahaha :D

If you're interested, the sale runs until Sunday :) Just a heads up though, if you do end up going, most of the pants/denim are size 25. There are a few size 25, 26, and 27s, but it's near impossible to find size 24s </3

On another note, if you're not on the I Love Sample Sales mailing list, you can sign up here! They let you know where, when, and what brands are being sold at the sale. From time to time, there are some really good ones!

Happy shopping! 

Till next time~



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