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Experiencing Vancouver Fashion Week - Part 2

Posted on Sunday, November 6, 2011 | 4 Comments

A forewarning to all--this is an uber long post!

Back again with more updates on what's happening at Vancouver Fashion Week :) Unfortuntely Saturday began at 3:00 I had work until 4:15, so I missed a little bit in the beginning, but that's alright because Vonnie of oh so... vonnie told me the show was about an hour late to start anyways... ufufu, win!

Saturday's show consisted of the following designers:

Lauran Elaine

By The Beach
Jardin by Bharbara Renault
Misu A Barbe by Misu Kim
Belinda Liu ♥
Hachung Lee ♥
Jose Jhan
Maria Peligro
Claire O'Connor ♥
Jung Eun Lee
Rimi Nayak

The pink denotes what collections I was there for and the hearts mean that I really loved the collection/parts of the collection.

But before I get started talking about the show, here's the usual outfit post :)

White ruffled tank, 3/4 sleeve cardigan, leopard print scarf, black skinny pants, brown lace-up ankle boots

Posing next to a cool-looking birdcage that was on display at the gallery. Looks are deceiving though, 'cause up close the "bird" is really creepy and looks like a brain/mutilated bird carcass. This was my first time wearing the boots out and I won't deny it--my feet were uber tired after the end of the day... but in my defense, I was out for 13 hours!

I was scrambling in the morning before work and had no idea what to wear! Good thing I grabbed the scarf as a last-minute afterthought because I realized on my way to work that the shade of my cardigan didn't match my boots ==" I had to keep the scarf on throughout the evening to tie the outfit together ><

 I scored two more passes--this time they're VIP passes and gold! They totally match my nails 8-D

I quite enjoyed the above four looks from Bharbara Renault's Jardin collection. The colours are subdued but the pieces are enhanced by a number of small details such as the gold zipper detail in the first photo, or the near-patent feel of the skirt in the last photo.

Then there were pieces that I couldn't enjoy to the fullest. While I like pieces that play with shapes like these hard edged prints, the fit was rather unflattering and didn't show off the models' figures in the slightest. But hey, don't get me wrong, this is my personal opinion; I'm not claiming to be a fashion expert or anything... far from it in fact, ahaha.

My camera died temporarily shortly after this collection, so a lot of the photos are stolen from Vonnie ><

Two of my favourite pieces from Belinda Liu's collection. For the first dress, I adore the giant bow on the bust of the dress. That, coupled with how you can see the model's silhouette in certain lighting makes it gorgeous in my books. As for the second dress, omgaaa the slit that runs up mid-though is so sexy, while the white colour tones down the sexiness for a more innocent tone.

I loved how flowy Belinda Liu's designs were--they were so elegant! There were, however, a lot of paisley (ehe, I learned that word from Vonnie) print designs that totally ruined the outfit :( For those of you who don't know what paisley looks like, it's this:

Next up? Hachung Lee. You can totally tell that these were Korean-inpired designs, what with the long tunics and all. 

As Vonnie pointed out, Big Bang would totally wear this kind of clothes... especially G-Dragon, ehe <3

After Hachung Lee, we cam-whored and took some more runway pictures--OH! Did I mention I met Kerri from There's Something About Kerri? n____________n She has the classic flap bag by Chanel, which I adore but am way too poor to afford o:

On another note, more of me on the runway :)

So after that, we decided to skip over Jose Jhan and Maria Peligro and headed over to McDonald's to grab some noms. Mmmm~ Fillet-o-fish meal <3

Vonnie and I were ditched before McDonalds, so it was just the two of us. We were reeeally debating whether to go back or not (due to the long and cold journey back), but I'm so glad we did, 'cause the shows afterward were AMAZING

I really like the detailing on the neckline for the above looks. Especially for the dress on the bottom. It's very origami-esque. 

Super cute dress from the front and back. I love the print Claire O'Connor used in her designs. The navy paneling along the sides is also very flattering and slimming for the figure~ Also, the red straps on the back of the dress adds a nice contrasting splash of colour :)

The collar of this dress is very nicely structured--the stiff material covering the model's neck definitely elongates it. On the other hand, I question the wearability just 'cause it looks rather uncomfortable.

 More pretty-print dresses with ruffle and origami-fold detailing...

I love the hem of this dress. The flow of the chiffon was gorgeous when the model was strutting down the runway. I just would've liked to see a cleaner transition from the end of the dress to the chiffon hem (the dress actually has a spotted print under a layer of navy chiffon).

I think this was my absolute favourite piece from Clair O'Connor's collection. This piece was so breathtaking as the model glided along the catwalk! I definitely wish I could try wearing something like this!

 Look at the white dress from the back! >w<


This designer--Sadaf--and I have something in common: we both love a flowy chiffon look! There were so many pieces like this! And even though they had the flowing hems in common, each piece was refreshingly different from each other. 

This was the finale for Sadaf's collection. There's so much detailing in this that it screams couture <3 It actually drew cheers from the audience as the model was walking to and fro~

The next show was featuring a designer named Jung Eun Lee... it was incredible! Very risqué and akin to a raunchy sex show, ahaha... just the way I like it ;D


It was extremely unorthodox, ahaha. The models were instructed to walk as though they were drunk or something. As well, they were encouraged to be rude?! You can see in the the model in the third picture giving the media the "jerk off" motion and the model in the fourth picture flipping them a birdie... too great xD

Many of the models stumbled on stage due to the enormity of their heels--it'd be impossible not too--but they had great recovery and many seemed almost intentional! The model in the sixth picture was exceptionally good at it LOL.

The designer Jung Eun Lee (the one with her arms raised) came out to party with her models afterward. Look to the right--her shoes are awesome, but can you believe anyone can walk in shoes like this?!

After the show was over, Jamal, the producer of VFW brought Vonnie and I to the back to take pictures! There were probably about 7-10 people from the media taking pictures of Jung Eun Lee, her models, Jamal, and several other important people... keep an eye out! You make be able to see Vonnie and I in some photos somewhere out there! :D It was crazy though, there were so many flashes I didn't know where to look! T____T I'm hoping at least one of the pictures will turn out okay and that's the one I'll stumble across (if I do happen to chance across it).

Me, backstage!

And ehehe, I dunno what more to say about this xD 

 One of the awesome models and I--she's got such great attitude!

 Vonnie, Jake, and I--he was wearing heels, but even without them he'd be damn TALL! o___o

Jung Eun Lee and I. It took a lot of effort to get this picture! ><

Vonnie, Jamal, and I :)

I'm sure he'll never stumble across my meager blog, but I'd like to give a shout out to Jamal Abdourahman for being so awesome and making our time at Vancouver Fashion Week an incredible and unforgettable experience!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I did writing it!


  1. Hey Emi! It was nice meeting you the other day =) i've added your blog onto my favorites list. Thank you so much for letting me come to experience VFW *hugs*

  2. Hey! Sorry,the ranking is random ;)
    and I am gonna be staying till x-mas!


  3. Ohhai~ It was great to finally meet you as well! >w< I'll definitely do the same once I figure out what gadget it is, LOL.

    And I'm glad you could make it! No sense in letting the tickets go to waste :)

  4. I'm gonna head back home to germany,for x-mas:)
    and yai came around quite a bit..haha.

    and i love your pics btw.



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