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Experiencing Vancouver Fashion Week - Part 1

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Ohhai all!

So if you have me on Facebook, you probably already know that I received three week-long passes to Vancouver Fashion Week! Suh-weet! So read on to find out more about the experience from my perspective~

So for Day 1 of VFW, Vonnie of oh so... vonnie was my date. It took us the longest time to decide what to wear... we wanted to dress to impress, with it being fashion week and all, aha.

In the end, this is what I had decided on:

Gray 3/4 sleeve sweater, furry vest, black and gold bangles, black mini skirt, sheer black tights, and my oh-so-sexy Yesstyle boots <3

Here you can see Vonnie's black and gold owl necklace I borrowed to complete the outfit :)

Vonnie and I posing for the camera! ...I'm still so short ><"

I want to say that this was a most fitting christening of my new boots, but unfortunately, I got too excited and wore them to school the day before, ahaha, #nowillpower ><

Well anyways, what with the outfit crisis, cam-whoring, and rush hour traffic, we got to Masik Studio--where VFW is being held this year--at 6:30, just in time to catch the end of Joseph Ribkoff's collection.

For Day 1's show, the lineup was as follows:

Joseph Ribkoff
Mermaid Moon
Kings & Paupers
Musa Shah
Valerio Moda

Probably one of my most favourite pieces of the night from Papillion--there's an adorable bow on the back of this dress! What's not to love? <3

Another interesting piece, this time from Mermaid Moon I believe? I'm digging the detailing on the jacket!
A bit more from Mermaid Moon~

During the intermission after Mermaid Moon, the manager of VFW took Vonnie and I backstage to witness the magic! I totally would've taken a picture, but it just didn't seem right to pull out a camera there... There were a lot of near-nekkid men and women all crammed in there, along with racks of glorious clothing, and makeup stations! ...I wish I had a vanity with lights around the mirrors :(

We also got permission to enter the VIPs-only area, meaning we got to walk past the uber buff security guard blocking the way. This section was chock-full of media and important looking people (investors...?)--it was cool, but kinda awkward since Vonnie and I had no idea what we were supposed to do there.

Important people doing important things...?

 Despite not knowing what to do, it was full of awesome and gigantic works of art--and I mean gigantic.

Random giant chair?! I totally wanted to sit in it, but I was kinda afraid of being scolded~

After we finished roaming the VIP section, the manager got us to sit in the front row! Totally VIP--the cush for the tush--the front reserved seating had cushions on the seats--proved it :D

A little cam-whoring while waiting for the next show to start~ It literally took us around 8-10 tries to get a decent picture LOL
A clear shot of my accessory them that night--black and gold... I even did my nails the same!
Then the next show started, featuring denim from King & Paupers. Needless to say, it wasn't just the denim that I was appreciating... you'll see ;)

Ehehe... yum :) 

True boyfriend jeans~ I'm kinda tempted to dig out my pair from the back of my closet!
This dominatrix-y guy in the middle made me raise my eyebrows... It was an awkward moment LOL

After King & Paupers and another 15 minute intermission, Musa Shah was next. The designer is apparently half-Indian, half-Pakistani and he hails from the Netherlands...? Interesting mix for sure. You can definitely see where he got the inspiration for his collection:

A man-capelet? Kinda cute
I can totally see this as a costume for a desert-themed movie/music video/game :)

And after this show?

Featuring... ME!

Workin' it on the runway ;)

We ran away after Musa Shah to go eat at Bubble World after wards. The hunger insisted ><

The glorious tickets I spoke of :)

More to come after I attend tomorrow's show! :D

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