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Colour Me Monochromatic

Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

Went to Gastown last week with my friend Nick Liao for another photoshoot, so photo credits go to him!

Walking down the streets of Gastown, London fog in hand :)

One of our favourite shots of the day. Gastown is actually pretty nice during the daytime--it has a nice rustic feel to it with the old lamp posts and cobblestone streets. I would totally love to spend more time here in the future. Sitting in a coffee shop while looking out the window on a day like this would be amazing <3

This was probably the last sunny day before all the snow and torrential rain came!

Goodbye autumn... you'll be sorely missed :(

  Miss Sixty black military coat with a skirted back

Jacob gray blazer,sheer black chiffon blouse with ruffles, Fovever 21 woolly gray skirt with belt, knee-high black socks, black boots, Roxy pewter bag, and red scarf <3

I love blazers because you can wear them with just about anything and it spruces up the outfit. Jacob and Zara are among my favourite places to go for blazers because they fit so well! Their blazers are tapered at the waist so it doesn't make you look so boxy (as a lot of blazers tend to do). Prices are vary around the $100 mark, so they can get a little pricey, but they're worth it imo. The quality and fit are awesome! Plus the pockets are REAL, so that's always a bonus ;D

If $100 is a bit too steep for you, H&M is a good place to go. Blazers are approximately $60 there. RW & Co. usually has a nice selection of blazers as well and you can save about $20 or so I believe? But I personally find that I run into the box-factor with these blazers, and the material isn't as great... you pay for what you get I suppose!

Close-up on the ruffle blouse and gray blazer :)

As much as I like colours in my wardrobe, sometimes it's just easier to forge a black, white, and gray outfit. It requires a lot less thinking in the morning while getting dressed. This is especially so when you have a job in a professional environment and have to dress up~

Scarves are good for blocking the chill too! :D

Red scarf, red brick wall... red is a good colour for contrast, I think~

On days like this, I like adding a splash of colour. In this case, a red scarf to add some oomph and pizazz to an otherwise monochromatic outfit :)

I feel that red is the best colour to contrast against blacks and whites. It makes plain business attire more more exciting, imo.

Another way of dressing up a plain outfit is to accessorize it with a brightly coloured bag (I'm thinking of my yellow envelope clutch from this post), some bold statement jewelry (mayhaps gold in colour?), or some patented accessories like shoes, a belt, and/or a purse.

The sky's the limit~

Amicably yours,
♥ Emi


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