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H&M VIP Launch Party @ Metrotown

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011 | 1 Comment

This is a bit late, but as I was saying in my last blog post, I went to the H&M VIP Launch Party as my friend oh so... vonnie's +1. And might I say, I definitely felt like a VIP. See the guy to the right? He was one of the staff guarding the entrance from non-invitees *feels self-important* :D

I had just come from work, and oh so... vonnie said she didn't recognize me *hurt* :(

Alas, I remember when this used to be Mariposa~

I gotta say, I was all *-* when we walked in at first. There was so much stuff everywhere and my eyes wanted to look everywhere at once! The size of this H&M is pretty close to that of its competitor, Forever 21 across the hall--maybe a bit smaller. On the bright side for the guys, the mens' section is definitely bigger than Forever 21's!

Seems smaller than the downtown H&M. And I'm not completely sure, but I think Metrotown does have a one-up on downtown in that they're carrying H&M's new Conscious Collection, which promotes sustainable fashion in that they use "greener materials" for their designs.

So the evening consisted of: a live DJ, catering courtesy of OPUS, and 20% the total purchase! Gotta say, the catering was really a nice touch. Altogether, I consumed two turkey skewers, an appetizer-in-a-cone, a bite-sized pumpkin pie, an espresso-sized cup of french onion soup, a chocolatey-dessert--stole the name of the foods from oh so... vonnie: venison wellington wraps, turkey skewers, ratatouille in a cone, french onion soup and chocolate in a cup. Also had one glass of wine, a glass of some sort of... cocktail...? All I really wanted from the second glass was the two cranberries sitting in the drink! ><

Waiting forever for a change room. The guy I asked to take our picture wasn't meant to be a photographer :(

Can you see us turning red? I'm gonna blame it on a relatively-empty stomach, but I was getting rather tipsy after the second drink. I kept dropping my items while in the change room lineup! ><

oh so... vonnie trying on a wool cape + coat. At almost $200, it's a little pricey for me to even consider trying on, LOL

I'm not sure who this guy is--apparently some bigtime fashion blogger--but oh so... vonnie wanted his picture, so I took a totally creeper shot of him. This would be embarrassing if he ever stumbled across this, ahaha

Tried on lots, but in the end this is what I walked away with:

Zipper-Detail Jersey Tee, $14.95

Furry Vest, $34.95 (yes, it's the same one as oh so... vonnie, ufufu)

Floral Print Tights, $12.95

Love you Vonnie for taking me with youuuu <3


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