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Fall and Autumnal Nails

Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hi! After enduring a brutal midterm, I'm back after what seems like forever! :D 

So the signs of fall are becoming more and more evident, as the leaves are changing in colour wherever you look. Personally, I love this season the best, 'cause you get to layer on the snuggly clothes, the air is crisp not not ice-cold, and sometimes you even get a bit of sun peaking through the shedding trees~ Of course, I'm talking about an ideal autumn day--unfortunately the norm in Vancouver is rain, rain, and more rain.

In any case, I wanted to capture a bit of my favourite season, and so I painted my nails in lieu of fall! 

This nail design is meant to symbolize the changing of the leaves from green to that golden colour~

Unfortunately it was my first time using the olive colour and I didn't know it would turn out so sparkly! >< 

From left to right: Rimmel's "Rags to Riches", Sephora by OPI's "Charge It!", and then Rimmel's base/top coat

I personally adore Rimmel nail polishes. They last quite a fair amount of time AND the brushes are flat so you can cover more of your nail's surface area with a single stroke! Plus what's not to love about the cute crown logo on the top of the polish?

I received quite a few comments about my nails at work today, so if you'd like to know how the gradient effect was achieved, here are the uber-simple steps:
  1. Apply two coats of "Rags to Riches" from Rimmel and wait for it to dry
  2. Take "Charge It!" from Sephora by OPI and wipe away most of the polish on the lip of the bottle; you want very little product on the brush. 
  3. With your dry-ish brush, start applying product around the middle of your nail and upwards in rapid strokes. It's okay if it's imperfect, and it's okay if you don't see much product on your nail; you want it faint so as to achieve the gradient 
  4. Re-dip the brush into "Charge It!" and apply more product around the tips so it's a solid colour
  5. Wait to dry and apply top coat!

There you have it! Quick, simple, and no need for extra tools or anything! To keep up with the autumn theme, I think a nice dark red would go nicely with a gold gradient as well. However, you can use this technique with whatever colours you'd like :)

Oh! And I also went to the H&M opening party at Metrotown as my friend ohsovonnie's +1 today. But more on that tomorrow~ Coupled with the non-florescent lighting, my orange room completely distorts the colours of any photos I attempt to take (as you can see in my second picture above; that's WITH a bunch of saturation editing too, LOL).

Anywho, til next time! <3


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