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Distressed Knit Sweater + Woolen Shorts

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | 3 Comments

So, so far we've had a week of absolutely gorgeous sunny weather. Even though it's sunny, the air is still brisk, which requires warm layers. This is my ideal autumn weather. 

I'm loving it~ ♪

So the other day I went to Granville Island on a photoshoot with my friend Nick who wanted practice shooting humans--yes, with a camera, not a gun--and I decided the weather was perfect for just my distressed knit sweater from Yesstyle.ca :) It's surprisingly warm in spite of the holes, hehe.

One of my favourite shots from the day. It feels very... whimsical to me :)

Another reason to love the fall weather: you get to bring out your assortment of toques and other knit headwear to keep your head nice and warm :) Just beware of hat hair if you decide to keep it on all day!

The full ensemble: distressed knit sweater, gray woolen shorts, black sweater knit tights, and chestnut UGGS

Yes, I like UGGS. Judge me if you wish, but they keep my feet nice and toasty--they're perfect for dry but chilly days like this :)

The full ensemble--from the back!


  1. Your outfite is so cute and comfy =) I love Granville Island ♥

  2. Thank you ladies <3

    And yes, Granville Island is awesome... 'cept for the bird poo ><


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