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Yesstyle.com Haul

Monday, September 26, 2011 Category : , , 3

First blog post! I've been convinced (without much effort) by my friend Vonnie to start a blog, so here it is! I've decided to start off with the clothing haul from Yesstyle.com which I just received today. I was so excited when the doorbell rang! <3

So without further ado, onto the pictures! 

Oh yeah, I definitely had a fun time cam-whoring for you guys :D

From left to right: 

Lace Yoke Dolman Sleeve Top from Bluemint - $15.00
You can't see it in the picture 'cause of my arm, but there's a pocket on the left side of the shirt. The lace detailing continues down 2-3 inches on the back. A casual tee, but the lace detailing makes it a little dressier~

Short-Sleeve Rhinestone "Crown" Top from TIME/X9 - $14.40
Hard to see the crown detailing on this shirt, but it's there, I swear! I actually bought this shirt primarily because it was cheap.

Chiffon Blouse + Tank Top from Goodies - $30.00
Chiffon and pink <3 A little late in the season for this combination but the shirt itself was too pretty to pass up. I'll probably be throwing a black/grey blazer over this to hide the summery-ness of the top :D

Distressed Striped Knit Top from CLICK - $52.20 
My favourite (and most expensive) purchase from the order. A fall sweater with stripes and distressed detailing that's perfect for the girl-next-door look! 

I find that shopping on Yesstyle.com--well, online in general--is a bit of a hit-and-miss at times. There were two other items from the haul that didn't make the cut unfortunately :( That's why I usually go for the cheaper stuff on the website, that way I don't feel as though I wasted too much money ahaha~ 

The danger of shopping on this site is the sizing. Those darn Asian models are so small. Even though the general size might be perfect, their limbs are so short! Hence the reason I usually go for the tees and anything that's not supposed to be full-length on arms or legs. It usually works out if I'm a smart enough shopper :)

But good news for Canadian Yesstyle.com shoppers! If you haven't seen it, there's now a Yesstyle.ca, and this means no hassle with the exchange rates... YES! Plus all the prices are the same in CAD as they are in USD! There's a whole bunch of cute new arrivals for Autumn ;)

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