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What Happens in Vegas

Thursday, December 29, 2011 Category : , , 14

Like I was saying two posts ago, while in vacation in Las Vegas, the air was dry and the water was hard. The first shower I took when back home in Vancouver felt glorious!

After unpacking my luggage and getting through the hectic holiday known as Christmas, I've finally found time to sort through the multitude of photos I took!

At some 5:30 am, we left Vancouver and drove down to Bellingham to fly to Vegas. On the way to the airport, we stopped by Jack in the Box for breakfast and I gotta say, it was rather disgusting. All the menu items were ridiculously greasy--even the breakfast! I felt gross after we finished there.

A few hours later when we finally touched down in Vegas and entered the airport, lo and behold the first thing we laid our eyes on: slot machines... Aish, only in Vegas I suppose LOL.

After checking into Planet Hollywood and setting down our luggage (I'm so glad my luggage wasn't lost like the time I went to Hawaii earlier this year!), we went exploring in the mall connected to the hotel and ate lunch. The malls are pretty cool in Vegas--the ceilings are painted like the sky! At one point during lunch I swear there was a bit of lighting and thunder as well! Totally reminded me of the ceiling in Hogwarts ;D

After food, we ventured outside and walked around a bit more~

Tori and I, with David and Lyle who managed to sneak into the shot and ruin it >: 

We made it to Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio Hotel, were we came across a chocolate fountain! o_________o Apparently this holds the title of the world's largest chocolate fountain in the Guinness World Records, measuring 8m tall and circulating 2 tons of chocolate!

The sweets sold there were also amazing! A bit on the pricey side but boy where they delicious!

This was outside Planet Hollywood: Jackie Chan's hand prints! I now know how big my hands are relative to Jackie Chan's. There's a cool thought 8-D

During our trip, we had to do the tourist-y thing and visit the M&M and Coke stores. Gotta say though, the M&M store brings back some unpleasant memories wherein I became separated from my friends and got lost like a kid in a department store! :( It was a long while before I was rescued ><"


There was a little fast food thing inside the Coke store where you could order a whole bunch of different Coke products. We ordered an Around the World, which consists of little samplers of Coke products around the world! Most of the drinks were rather disgusting though! 


Went clubbing with my friend Tori--our guy friends were to lame to come with--and I finally got to wear the dress I bought from wholesale7! I totally have to find more occasions to wear this dress to ;D

Had a super interesting dish at a Japanese restaurant called Kabuki: green tea soba with clams. Total yum! We also happened to be there during happy hour so there were mugs of Sapporo beer for $2! Score!

We went to a restaurant called Beijing Noodle No. 9 (which totally reminded me of #9 restaurant in Richmond) where there were hand-pulled noodles! :9 I've never tried that before~! The interior was also super cute. A very modern theme with goldfish... lots and lots of goldfish! :3


A picture of buildings on the Las Vegas Strip at dusk. Looks like a dreamed up toyland--I thought it was pretty cool!

We also went to see Cirque du Soleil's "Ka" as well which was suuuper awesome. It was my first time seeing a Cirque du Soleil show! No pictures of the show unfortunately, since they didn't allow any photography :(

Note for those planning a trip to Vegas:

  1. If you're gambling in the casinos, drinks are free! You just have to tip a dollar to the ladies that bring you your drink. I only learned this on our last day there from Ana, our dealer at the Texas Hold'em table--she was nice :)
  2. Just a warning for everyone: almost the entire population of people in Las Vegas smokes. I felt like I was gonna die from all the second hand smoke @______@
Well that's it from me. Can't wait to do some more traveling in the future! >w<

Amicably yours, 
♥ Emi

A Christmas Story--My Holiday Recap

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Category : , , , , , 7

Hi all! It's been amazingly busy the past few days and I gotta say, I'm pretty worn out. But I wouldn't trade it for anything :)

On the first day of Christmas...

So, on the 24th I went to my sister and brother-in-law's place for dinner with the folks and the in-laws (hold on--if they're my brother-in-law's parents, they wouldn't be called my in-laws, would they? Errr, well, you get what I mean). I still don't understand why my workplace is open on Christmas Eve... I think it's just plain silly to be honest. We weren't even busy??

Christmas tree at my sister's place! I want to have a real tree when I move out~ >w<

My baby niece's first Christmas gift. The itty bitty UGGS are so darn cute!

 Yeah... Nuff said; I think the shirt says it all!

The dinnerrrr! Appreciate it sis! Way too much food, but it was delish!

The tiny amount of turkey I had knocked me out cold. I was completely passed out on the couch right after dinner, ahaha. Though it might've just been from the lack of sleep >>"

On the second day of Christmas...

The next morning, I got to open Christmas gifts from the family!

H&M olive green satchel from my sister

H&M satin blouse with a rosette detailing from my sister 

H&M black cardigan with contrast bow trimming from my mama. Totally matches the blouse above, I think. My mom must be psychic too, 'cause I tried this one about a week ago before I went on vacation!

Cake pop baking accessories... I think my sister was trying to hint something with this one 

Black socks from my niece?! How did she ever know!? LOL

Then it was just cash from my dad and grandparents. No unwrapping involved unfortunately, but always appreciated to help pay off my shopping addiction ><"

In the evening, I went over to my friend's house (forgot my camera unfortunately) for a Secret Santa gift exchange. I won't be disclosing what I received 'cause it's really, really dorky, no matter how much I enjoy it--and no, it's nothing illegal or anything!!!

Stayed over til the wee hours of the morning playing games (I played Tekken for the first time and it's sooooo addicting!) and watching people drink. I left around 5am when the others were leaving to go Boxing Day shopping, which I decided to opt out of this year 'cause of the haul from the prior post--Vegas drained me dry :(

On the third day of Christmas...

I stayed home and had a quiet rest day to avoid the mayhem in Vancouver. Smart move eh? Spared my credit cards, ahaha.

On the fourth day of Christmas...

On the 27th, I met up with vonnie, her bf Ricky, and our friend Ed to exchange gifts and go out to play :)

I stayed up suuuuper late watching Doctor Who and I ended up sleeping in until half an hour until we were supposed to meet up! 

Let's see, I still had to brush my teeth, get dressed, put on my face, and... wrap the gifts still?! Ended up almost an hour late, but I wasn't the last one to arrive, so that's good ;) The red prezzies in the picture below are the ones I did a record-time wrap job on. Not too shabby if I do say so myself :D

 Our massive pile! 

Hello Kitty cosmetic bag (plus an umbrella, a Tigger plushie, and Starbucks GC--the picture didn't turn out too well!) from Ed and pretty dangling earrings from Ricky! 

Yay! Love! <3 My usual makeup is currently sitting in the bag pictured above :D

Afterwards, we went out to Aberdeen Mall in Richmond to eat and walk around~ It looks like rain:

I'm wearing my LOFT salt and pepper cardigan, a basic white tee, basic black pants, black slouchy boots, multi-layered chain necklace, and Forever 21 bag

A very basic outfit to bring more emphasis to the new and loved cardigan <3 Yes, I am indeed posing indoors with an umbrella in front of a store with fluffy white clouds in their window display. I thought it was ingenious :D 

*photo credits this time 'round go to Ricky, 'cause he insisted LOL :)

Well that's it for me thus far! Hope you all had a stupendously wonderful Christmas--and perhaps a fruitful Boxing Day haul!

Amicably yours, 
♥ Emi

I'm Back--Las Vegas Shopping Haul!

Friday, December 23, 2011 Category : , , , , , , , , 4

Tadaimaaaa~ Harro Vancouver, I am back! Thank you to the well-wishers, I did indeed have a stupendous time in Las Vegas. While it was fun, I rather missed Vancouver. The water in the States felt... hard (for a lack of better words) and the air there was so dry my skin felt parched. I'm definitely in need of massive exfoliation.

I think I may have lost about $50 altogether to the casinos, which I don't think is too bad at all--though I was up $100 at one point *sad* I'm a very risk adverse person, so I generally tried to play it safe at the Texas Hold'em table.

More on my experience later. I just wanted to first share the mega-huge and awesome haul I got from shopping in Vegas~!

There was only one day that was allotted to shopping unfortunately. We hit two outlets and the Fashion Show Mall (substantially better than Metrotown, omgaaa) in the course of one day--it was soooo not enough time!

Here is the result of the one day:

There were more bags procured later on in the trip, but I was too lazy to align all the bags neatly again

Anyways, moving on to the modeling! This was ridiculously tiring. Multiple poses per article of clothing, multiplied by the number of bags seen above... there was a lot of walking back and forth, plus my hair was unbelievably static-y after pulling many tops on and off @____@"

Tuxedo-inspired dress, $36, Lola. 
I thought the tuxedo detailing was too adorable to pass up! Plus there are  pockets! Loved that touch!

"Salt and Pepper Patch Pocket Sweater Jacket",  $47.70, LOFT.
40% off sale at LOFT, so I couldn't pass this up. I enjoy the Chanel-esque inspiration here.

 Off-white shrug, $16.79, Banana Republic.
40% off all reduced items at Banana Republic~ This was one of the only things left in my size :(

Twill skirt, $41.99, Ann Taylor.
Another 40% off at Ann Taylor. Never knew the joys of petite sizing until now, the hem actually ends at a decent length above the knee :)

Next, presenting my new GUESS boots!  

 Chocolate ankle boots, $45.00, GUESS.
50% off boots made this such a good deal :D These babies make me feel so tall; watch out vonnie!

 Black lace top, $13.80, Forever 21.

 Black tuxedo collar vest, $19.90, Forever 21. 
There were no sales at Forever 21 but it was huuuuge! It took me 1/2 hour to skim through the store!

 Some accessories scored at Forever 21~

 Hello Kitty umbrella, $8.80, Forever 21.
Found this lying in some obscure corner of the store. Sooo glad I did <3

 Black bag with gold detailing, $32.80, Forever 21.
Loving the versatility of this bag; there's two zippered compartments and one in between with a magnetic button enclosure as well as a strap to carry it cross-body style~

Well, that's about it. I still have a few trinkets/souvenirs/gifts that I'll save for my next blog post~ Don't want to spoil the surprises I got for some of my girlies ;)

Time to unpack the rest of my suitcase, wrap some presents, and [hopefully] hit the sack--knowing me though, I'll probably stay up catching up on the shows/manga updates that I missed, wahahaha. Gonna be sooo tired for work tomorrow =________="

Amicably yours, 
♥ Emi

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